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Tech Mom Collective connects mothers who are growing tech careers and families. The struggle is real, but the expertise you bring to the industry is critical. We provide you with the community and career resources to help you thrive, bring your authentic self to work, and manage burnout.
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To build a community to help moms authentically thrive in their tech careers without burning out

Introducing the Tech Mom Collective

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Share best practices, tools, lessons learned, and get support from other moms navigating motherhood and a career in technology. We recently launched a survey to fellow tech moms and 100% of you said you'd love to have a community like this.
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We successfully made it to the other side of transitioning into a leadership role and into motherhood, but not without the scars to prove it. We want to pass on our experience so that you have a roadmap to quickly scale yourself as a leader and as a mom.

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We provide you with resources to help navigate motherhood and a career in tech.