Two Helpful Covid Infographics for Working Moms

Lately it has been painful to be a working parent amid a pandemic trying to piece together childcare in light of schools announcing their plans to reopen. There are two specific charts that have made the rounds on my mom facebook groups that have been been extremely helpful to me. I want to share them...

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Covid-19 Working Moms

In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.

The NY Times just released an article that sums up working moms’ pent up anxieties about going back to school in a Covid-19 economy. Women are bearing the brunt of the economic crash due to Covid-19, but working moms are also the ones who are most often having to consider if they are going to...

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4 Reasons Coronavirus Will Be Lifechanging for Women in Tech: Part 1

Women are leading us through this pandemic, but are suffering the brunt of the economic fallout of COVID-19. Women are also paid less than men, despite being at increased risk as we make up 75% of healthcare practitioners according to the World Health Organization. At the same time, there has never been a more historic...

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