We’re all BBC dad, but now it’s acceptable. [Free Zoom Background Download]

The best thing on the internet in 2017 was the video of the BBC dad giving a live news briefing where both of his kids came bursting into the room and he completely lost his composure. Then the hero mom to the rescue comes diving into the room, even crawling on her knees to shut the door.

I had never felt so seen as a mom in tech working remotely 100% of the time. Of course, I was the dad in an important executive conference call when one of my toddlers burst in to ask me to wipe their butt.

I felt even more seen when I saw the follow up parody video of how a mom would have reacted to the situation. Totally on point!

Now that COVID-19 has all schools closed and everyone working from home, we’re all BBC dad. I couldn’t be more excited about that. It’s bringing a level of vulnerability and authenticity into the workplace that has connected me more than ever to my coworkers.

I recently read an article in Fast Company highlighting “All the things COVID-19 will change forever, according to 30 top experts”. Here was my favorite quote from the article:

We are . . . all becoming “BBC Man,” meaning our kids and dogs routinely rush our meetings. We’ve probably crossed the chasm between what is acceptable in the office and what is acceptable at home, and in many ways, these more intimate moments allow us to have deeper and more meaningful connections as humans.

Sampriti Ganguli, CEO of the social venture firm Arabella Advisors

So in light of this new normal, I’ve updated my Zoom background for all of my corporate meetings this week.

My new BBC dad Zoom background

Here’s the link so that you can download it and use it yourself.

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