Women, Reframe Your Perspective

Lately, I’ve been on a deep learning journey after my boss suggested that I read the book: “Why Women Rise”. I started whiteboarding a list of the questions I normally ask myself when dreaming about my 1, 3, 5 year plan. It looked like this:

  • Am I qualified to do that?
  • Is what I have to offer unique?
  • Would that make me feel too vulnerable?
  • Can I scale a big team without burning out?
  • Could I get to that level working remotely?

When daydreaming about our future, we often start with self-doubting and limiting questions. It curtails our confidence. This already puts an immediate strain on our ability to think big and let inspiration flow.

I know so many ambitious, inspiring women who still struggle with this. It’s in our bones because it is the story we have been conditioned to our whole lives.

I’m on a journey to unlearn this way of thinking so that I can be bolder, more confident and make a bigger impact.

Whether it’s:

  • Day dreaming about your future
  • Going for that promotion
  • Applying for a new job
  • Writing that blog post
  • Starting down an entrepreneurial path

Read this over and over again and remind yourself that YOU ARE QUALIFIED.

Women, reframe your perspective

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